What to Read

If you’re choosing software, I wrote a somewhat irreverent guide on how to do that. Even software engineers will find it useful.

If you’re a developer, I wrote a career course. If you’re early in your career, it’ll add a million dollars to your lifetime earnings  by giving you a clear, upward path. Supposedly knowing a little about negotiation adds a million bucks (compound interest, etc.), and this goes way beyond that. Many (most?) senior devs don’t know this stuff.

If you are considering going to college, or have a kid, I wrote how you’re probably going to waste $200K on your education. But also, how not to waste that money.

If you’re curious about how America will radically change over the next 5-10 years, I wrote about the rise of the robot chauffeurs. Or as most call them, autonomous vehicles. I spent weeks researching it, and can’t tell you how many times my mind was blown.

I also give talks on careers and programmer productivity, if you need a speaker for your conference. Reviews have all been positive.

While I’m changing how you see the world, here are three documentaries that have done that for me:

 Latest Articles

Using Your Phone Outside the US

A friend of mine was asking about using his phone outside the US while on a vacation. I've done this, but while on long stays abroad (several months). Still, I'd probably do this for short-term stays. Google VoiceBefore my first stay abroad in 2013, I ported my cell...

What Is It, Really?

What Is It, Really?

"What is it, really?" Those four words launch a boondoggle. It starts with smart software engineers. Smart and bored. They're using a software library or tool to solve a problem. They have a lot of options to choose from. Multiple open source and commercial solutions,...

Enterprise Software Explained

Enterprise Software Explained

I recently wrote a hit article on buying enterprise software, and I was working on the followup when I realized that you, the manager tasked with choosing it, could benefit from an overview from an insider. I'll explain how this software is packaged and delivered so...

Ask a Repair Shop

Ask a Repair Shop

This is the story of how you’re buying your enterprise software the wrong way. Probably your appliances, too. This is an excerpt from my guide, "Enterprise Software Confidential." This post is also available in Chinese thanks to Xu Zhi. Some years ago, I had a broken...

Officially an Athlete

Big news everyone! I'm officially an athlete. OK, I see confusion on some of your faces, so allow me to explain. I was in a department store, looking to purchase some trousers. I saw some from the Dockers line of the Levi Strauss company, in a style branded...

An Education on Education

An Education on Education

There's a lot of talk these days about free education for all and student loan forgiveness. I'm against both for very rational reasons. Hopefully you learn something new  or reevaluate your beliefs, but maybe you just get ticked off. That's OK too. For reference, I...

Upgrading to Grails 3

Preface I'm upgrading an app from Grails 2.4 to 3.1 and thought I'd take share my thoughts and notes. First, I want to say that I'm very grateful to the maintainers for all their hard work. I know this wasn't easy. Second, I'm not a full time coder anymore. Running a...

Notes From Thee Linux Conference (SCALE 14)

I attended SCALE for the first time this past weekend and highly recommend it. They had not only talks, but all-day training sessions for which you would reasonably expect to pay hundreds of dollars. I also got to meet Jenkins founder Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Apache Bigtop...

Painless Documentation (What If You Won the Lottery?)

Abstract: Sometimes good things happen to good people. When something good takes away someone you depend on, will you be prepared to go on without them?  With a little low effort documentation and knowledge transfer, they can leave you without torpedoing the schedule....