I’m a software consultant with over two decades of experience. Stuff I do:

  • In SoCal, I run the largest Java User Group and the biggest tech interview study group.
  • Speak/train on programmer productivity.
  • Speak/write about developer careers.
  • Build teams.
    • In SoCal, I’m probably the only software veteran who does contingency recruiting. I find developers in the Java ecosystem (including Groovy, Scala, Kotlin, Clojure, etc) and in big data. I also find engineering managers/execs.
    • Internationally, I build offshore development centers. I’ve lived in Philippines, Ukraine, Czech Republic (among others) and have extensive contacts and knowledge of hiring abroad.
  • Build products. My team uses Groovy, Grails, Angular, and AWS. I personally love Groovy/Grails and am a top Quora author for them.
  • Select enterprise software/vendors.

What to Read

If you’re choosing software, I wrote a somewhat irreverent guide on how to do that. Even software engineers will find it useful.

If you’re a developer, I wrote a career course. If you’re early in your career, it’ll add a million dollars to your lifetime earnings  by giving you a clear, upward path. Supposedly knowing a little about negotiation adds a million bucks (compound interest, etc.), and this goes way beyond that. Many (most?) senior devs don’t know this stuff.

If you are considering going to college, or have a kid, I wrote how you’re probably going to waste $200K on your education. But also, how not to waste that money.

If you’re curious about how America will radically change over the next 5-10 years, I wrote about the rise of the robot chauffeurs. Or as most call them, autonomous vehicles. I spent weeks researching it, and can’t tell you how many times my mind was blown.

I also give talks on careers and programmer productivity, if you need a speaker for your conference. Reviews have all been positive.

While I’m changing how you see the world, here are three documentaries that have done that for me:


  • I started programming at age 12 and since then have learned 15 different programming languages. I also picked up a degree in CS from RPI, where they taught us to pronounce COBOL with the same tone you’d use for Voldemort.
  • I’ve held just about every job in IT, most of the time as a lead or manager. I genuinely enjoy figuring out how to make software teams more efficient and projects more effective and less costly.
  • In 2013 I embarked on a ’round the world trip while working on a startup to provide BI and analytics dashboards for internet retailers. I now focus on custom software development (or telling people why they don’t need it).
  • I run the Orange County Java User Group and the Tech Interview Study Group, both the largest of their kind in SoCal.

I am what Malcolm Gladwell calls a super connector. After my trip, I made an effort to expand my network, and have since added about 200 people a year. I  have over a thousand connections, despite the fact that I don’t accept LinkedIn invites from people I don’t know. If you think I can help you we’re in the same city (usually LA), I’d love to grab a meal or coffee to discuss it with you, so contact me. More than once I’ve been able to solve a nagging business problem over lunch and I’m always happy to be of service.

You can find out more on LinkedIn.