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Image Carousels Don’t Convert

I thought of titling this “Image Carousels Are Evil,” but that sounded too melodramatic. But think back to your school days. Ever been reading a book and have some kid shut it on you or swipe the pages so you lose your place? That’s what reading carousel content feels like to me. Only they keep doing it. And it’s their book, which they spent a lot of time writing, and then asked me to read it. It just doesn’t make any sense. Why bully your…

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Buy Facebook Ads and Lower Customer Engagement

Most people know that buying likes from click farms is a waste of money. After watching the video below, I learned that buying legitimate ads from Facebook is almost as bad. It is filled with click fraud (fake likes), which destroys legitimate engagement due to FB’s own engagement detection algorithms. The video does a fantastic job explaining this and backing it up with evidence. (Disclaimer: I can’t take credit for this video or the research. Wish I could.)

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Grand Palace

Passive Agressive Call to Action Buttons

Marketing is hard. It certainly doesn’t help when all these stupid jerks come to your site, check it out, and then take no action. I mean, you made it very clear what they should be doing on your site, but they just don’t follow instructions. Pisses you off, right? Well, some people who are just as angry at their customers have found a way to express this: calls to action that clearly highlight how stupid potential customers are being when they don’t buy what you’re…

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What Stifles Startup Growth in OC?

Last night I attended an Orange County Tech Startups event on the future of innovation and startups in OC. Shervin Talieh put together great panels and I heard some interesting stats provided by journalist Chris Casacchia of the Orange County Business Journal (we need an infographic!). We heard how there are a number of billion dollar business in OC, but they’re in diverse fields. As most know, hardware, aerospace/defense, biotech, and action sports are more prevalent than software. Here are my reasons for OC’s failure…

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Prague: Thoughts and Observations

I spent the whole summer in Prague, the longest stay of my trip. It is without a doubt the most architecturally beautiful city I’ve ever visited, and I can’t imagine that any city in America comes close. We have our natural wonders, that’s for sure, but we’re too young a country to have truly beautiful cities. I mean, name one city that has a real castle. You can’t.

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Kyiv: Thoughts and Observations

“Let me show you a miracle.” said the beautiful Ukrainian woman. “Give me your hand.” Without a second thought I placed my hand in hers. Then, despite my immediate protestations, she pulls out a fancy 2-sided emery board and begins buffing and polishing my right index fingernail to a brilliant shine. “Really, that’s OK. I don’t need-” She interrupts, “You have girlfriend? Wife?” “Why, no but-” Oh right, she’s trying to sell me 2 of these. Thus I was introduced to Kyiv. I will say,…

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Tokyo: Parting Thoughts

Tokyo is a city of wonders and isolation. I wanted to wait until I left to write this up, because I didn’t want to besmirch the city. Keep in mind, I had the highest hopes for Tokyo, and expectations are everything. Tokyo is clean and modern, perhaps more than any other city I’ve been in. What was interesting was how something had to go wrong for me to realize that everything was going right. While walking near the prime minister’s residence, I smelled something bad.…

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Web Framework Performance Benchmarks

This is making the rounds and is pretty interesting: My framework of choice, Grails, doesn’t look spectacularly fast, although I already knew that. However, it is nice to see that it is notably faster than RoR (which appears to be a complete dog) and Django, and will probably improve quite a bit with v2.2 onĀ  Groovy 2.0 and Java 7. However, it seems a big part of the performance lag is because it’s built on Spring, and to my surprise Spring isn’t a great…

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