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An Education on Education

There’s a lot of talk these days about free education for all and student loan forgiveness. I’m against both for very rational reasons. Hopefully you learn something new  or reevaluate your beliefs, but maybe you just get ticked off. That’s OK too. For reference, I had a very expensive education. But it was at a good school (RPI), 1 in the right major at the right time.2 So upon graduation, I was employed, well-paid, and ready to avoid snow for the rest of my life. That…

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Mark Suster Talks Startups At Innovate Pasadena

This morning at Innovate Pasadena I got to see Mark Suster speak on startups. Here’s my report. Funding For those looking for funding, he recommends his one coffee per week method. This where you have coffee once per week with someone who can increase your chances of getting funded. His recommendation is to identify VCs in your area who would be a good fit, then find who they have funded. Those are the ones you want to ask out for coffee. Well, the ones who…

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What Stifles Startup Growth in OC?

Last night I attended an Orange County Tech Startups event on the future of innovation and startups in OC. Shervin Talieh put together great panels and I heard some interesting stats provided by journalist Chris Casacchia of the Orange County Business Journal (we need an infographic!). We heard how there are a number of billion dollar business in OC, but they’re in diverse fields. As most know, hardware, aerospace/defense, biotech, and action sports are more prevalent than software. Here are my reasons for OC’s failure…

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Grail Shaped Beacon

Companies Using Grails

I’m pretty excited about Grails, but am often asked for social proof. Well, by every measure,1 Groovy is the #1 JVM language after Java, and Grails is the #1 full stack web framework.2 But for some, that’s not enough. They want to know who is making it #1? Major companies. Below I’ve listed the household names. I could not get details for some companies, but a Google search will verify the claim (e.g., the Disney developer posting a Grails question to a mailing list). Last update:…

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Selecting Technology Using Job Ads

In IT (as in most industries), there are many factors to consider when choosing a new technology. One must carefully consider cost, features, ease of blah blah blah who cares? The only thing that matters is: will this look good on a resume? Enter Indeed job trends. Indeed is a job website that searches many databases at once. They have launched a nifty tool that allows you to graph job trends based on keyword; it even does comparisons. Comparisons are perfect for choosing technologies. To…

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