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What Is It, Really?

“What is it, really?” Four words. Those four words are like a thought grenade. The ignition point for a boondoggle. It starts with smart software engineers. Smart and bored. They’re using a software library or tool. Something with multiple open source and commercial solutions. Good solutions, really. Lots of customers. And the engineers answer their own question with a gross oversimplification. What is a name server, really? It’s basically a lookup table. What is an object cache, really? It’s… well, it’s another lookup table. What’s…

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Enterprise Software Explained

I recently wrote a hit article on buying enterprise software, and I was working on the followup when I realized that you, the manager tasked with choosing it, could benefit from an overview from an insider. I’ll explain how this software is packaged and delivered so you can discuss it with more confidence. Most importantly, this will provide critical context and understanding to my final article, which will arm you with questions and talking points, both internal and external. That’s the one that will prevent…

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Ask a Repair Shop

This is the story of how you’re buying your enterprise software the wrong way. Probably your appliances, too. This is an excerpt from my guide, “Enterprise Software Confidential.” This post is also available in Chinese thanks to Xu Zhi. Some years ago, I had a broken GE washer. Pretty sure I knew the culprit, but if I was wrong I’d waste a bunch of money on a part I couldn’t return. So I called a local repair shop who serviced a number of brands, including mine.…

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