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What Is It, Really?

“What is it, really?” Four words. Those four words are like a thought grenade. The ignition point for a boondoggle. It starts with smart software engineers. Smart and bored. They’re using a software library or tool. Something with multiple open source and commercial solutions. Good solutions, really. Lots of customers. And the engineers answer their own question with a gross oversimplification. What is a name server, really? It’s basically a lookup table. What is an object cache, really? It’s… well, it’s another lookup table. What’s…

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An Education on Education

There’s a lot of talk these days about free education for all and student loan forgiveness. I’m against both for very rational reasons. Hopefully you learn something new  or reevaluate your beliefs, but maybe you just get ticked off. That’s OK too. For reference, I had a very expensive education. But it was at a good school (RPI), 1 in the right major at the right time.2 So upon graduation, I was employed, well-paid, and ready to avoid snow for the rest of my life. That…

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