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Upgrading to Grails 3

Preface I’m upgrading an app from Grails 2.4 to 3.1 and thought I’d take share my thoughts and notes. First, I want to say that I’m very grateful to the maintainers for all their hard work. I know this wasn’t easy. Second, I’m not a full time coder anymore. Running a software/staffing company gives me lots to do. So although I’ve been doing Grails for a few years now, and Spring/Hibernate before that, consider me a casual user. Still, I have opinions – don’t we…

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Merging XML Files With Groovy

I needed to generate an XML file from database tables and the plan was to use Talend Open Studio. Talend is an ETL tool that generates data integration jobs in Java. The community edition is free and I’d been using it for several other data tasks for an ecommerce client. Overall, I think it’s quicker than hand coding in Java, but you can still dip into Java code if you need to and embed the jobs in other programs. Unfortunately, it’s not so good when…

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