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Survey Hurdles And Incentives

I just quit another survey before completing it, this one from Rhapsody. I like Rhapsody, and I don’t mind giving them my opinions to improve their service (or even to keep it the same). However, my time is valuable, and I can’t waste it on sites that don’t institute the simplest of usability measures. For example, if I leave a question blank, and there is a very reasonable conversion for blank (like zero or n/a), don’t come back to me with “answer all questions properly.”…

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A Tivo Wishlist For Those Without Tivo

I had this idea and considered creating it as a service, but I’ve got my own web startup going and don’t need the distraction. Several sites, such as Zap2it, TV Guide, and TitanTV (beta) already have the infrastructure (as well as the TV listings I’d have to license) so hopefully this won’t be too hard for one of them to implement. I’m looking for a clone of the Tivo Wishlist. The difference is that instead of recording, you get email alerts. I imagine if you…

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