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JavaScript 2: The Next Big Language?

OK, so this blog is starting to look like the Steve Yegge Fan Club, and I’m only 3 posts in. Lucky for me, I don’t care. Steve recently wrote a compelling post on the next big language. In my first post here, I bet that Java would be dethroned within 5 years, and Steve appears to agree. Now, he doesn’t mention which language he’s talking about, but if you read the comments (those on-topic; not those wondering how he got a hot wife), it’s pretty…

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JVM Language Shootout

Steve Yegge has a comparison of various languages for the JVM. For the comparison, he creates an actual Swing application, so if the language couldn’t handle that, it didn’t get included. Since the objective was to find a language capable of replacing Java on the JVM, it’s a reasonable criterion. He’s not finished, but he goes into depth on languages he does cover. I’m sure I’m not the only one anxious to hear his opinion of JRuby. Whatever he writes about it, though, couldn’t be…

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Why I chose WordPress over Roller

I thought I’d kick off this blog explaining my tech choice. I had planned on using Roller, because it’s written in Java, and many large, multi-blog systems (JRoller, Sun’s employee blogs, others) use it. I thought I could mess with the code if I felt like it, maybe learn a few things. Per my usual M.O., I donned my trusty loincloth and went on a info hunting/gathering expedition. The short of it is that Roller just wasn’t meant to be used as a personal weblog…

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