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Image Carousels Don’t Convert

I thought of titling this “Image Carousels Are Evil,” but that sounded too melodramatic. But think back to your school days. Ever been reading a book and have some kid shut it on you or swipe the pages so you lose your place? That’s what reading carousel content feels like to me. Only they keep doing it. And it’s their book, which they spent a lot of time writing, and then asked me to read it. It just doesn’t make any sense. Why bully your…

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Buy Facebook Ads and Lower Customer Engagement

Most people know that buying likes from click farms is a waste of money. After watching the video below, I learned that buying legitimate ads from Facebook is almost as bad. It is filled with click fraud (fake likes), which destroys legitimate engagement due to FB’s own engagement detection algorithms. The video does a fantastic job explaining this and backing it up with evidence. (Disclaimer: I can’t take credit for this video or the research. Wish I could.)

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Grand Palace

Passive Agressive Call to Action Buttons

Marketing is hard. It certainly doesn’t help when all these stupid jerks come to your site, check it out, and then take no action. I mean, you made it very clear what they should be doing on your site, but they just don’t follow instructions. Pisses you off, right? Well, some people who are just as angry at their customers have found a way to express this: calls to action that clearly highlight how stupid potential customers are being when they don’t buy what you’re…

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The Paperless Business Card

I have come up with a simple idea that will have a positive, global environmental impact. I’m talking about the end of the business card as we know it. Have you ever had a box of 500, maybe 1,000 business cards, handed out a few, then thrown the rest away when your title or contact info changed? Maybe you’ve done that a few times, or several. How much did that cost you? How did it impact the environment? How did you feel when you threw…

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Survey Hurdles And Incentives

I just quit another survey before completing it, this one from Rhapsody. I like Rhapsody, and I don’t mind giving them my opinions to improve their service (or even to keep it the same). However, my time is valuable, and I can’t waste it on sites that don’t institute the simplest of usability measures. For example, if I leave a question blank, and there is a very reasonable conversion for blank (like zero or n/a), don’t come back to me with “answer all questions properly.”…

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