I recently had some more frustration with Eclipse, with no solution on the web, so I’m posting mine.

The problem:

I had an auto-generated task (TODO) from creating a class that implemented an interface. At some point, I noticed the task comment was gone, but the task indicator (checkbox icon) was still there. Probably because I have it set to reformat on save, but maybe I deleted the task comment without hitting the task button (or both). Anyway, I could not clear it no matter what:

  • Double clicking the icon didn’t work since it couldn’t find the comment.
  • Clicking the “Clean and Redetect Tasks” button did nothing.
  • Restarting Eclipse (which I do more often than a Windows admin reboots), did naught.
  • The Task View displayed the offending tasks, but the Delete option was greyed out. Selecting the task and hitting delete 3 million times while cursing furiously at the screen brought no justice.

The solution:

  1. Go to Window >> Preferences, then Java/Compiler/Task Tags. Select the TODO task tag, or whatever accursed tag haunts you.
  2. Click Remove. When it threatens a rebuild, call it’s bluff (that is, agree). When it’s done (and it took its sweet time), the offending tasks will be gone. Rejoice!
  3. Click New… and restore the TODO tag. All legitimate TODO tasks will be restored.  Callooh! Callay!

keywords: can’t delete tasks, task tags, eclipse 3.4, mylyn