That question was posed on the LAJUG mailing list in a response to a rumor about IBM buying Sun. I think it’s clear that Apple doesn’t really want to get into enterprise computing. Their entry, the OS X Server, at that price point, shows they are not serious about it.

This may sound ridiculous, but I believe Apple doesn’t think enterprise computing is a cool enough market to enter. They really seem to love being in the spotlight with consumer products. And the fact that the art and entertainment industries use their stuff. It’s glamorous and I don’t blame them for it.

Because of all that, acquiring Sun, or even merging with them, doesn’t make strategic sense. The only major synergy would be Apple’s GUI and integration from their server OS added to Solaris. Sun would lose training income driven by an OS that’s unwieldy to manage, but they could charge for it as a product. It would certainly save their customers money on admin labor costs. However, they could probably license that from Apple and avoid a fruitless merger.

In addition, Sun is a bigger pill to swallow than most realize. IBM is much better suited for them. And despite heavy list traffic on the subject, I haven’t heard anyone voice their opposition to the idea.